Monday, May 28, 2012

The 1st ABUC has run and been won!! Both on and off the beach

The 1st Australian Beach Ultimate Championships (ABUC) has come and gone!! We had 6 teams attending, 1 local team, 4 from the Brisbane area and 1 Sydney based team come to enjoy the sunny Gold Coast. The weather for the weekend couldn't have been any better so if you live south of the border and want a break from the cold you are more then welcome to come along next year. The hotel selection by some of our attendants (a huge Pent House at only a couple minutes walk from the fields and with an incredible beach front view) created the perfect balance between competition and hard party plus they made everybody feel welcome. A great way to finish each day: Drinks, jacuzzi and get ready for dinner and party....or fly back home.  

Results for ABUC 2012
1 - HUCKleberry Quince Crumbed (Spirit of the Game winner)
2 - Flex on the Beach
3 - Stoned Fish
4 - UQ Ultimate Lovers Fluttershy
5 - HUCKleberry Quince Finned
6 - UQ Ultimate Lovers Applejack   

The winners of our competition; with their 3 games on the final day going to universal point HUCKleberry Quince Crumbed from Brisbane took the victory out of the hands of the locals Flex on the Beach. Not happy with just winning they also took the Spirit Prize!! It was great to hear from one of their very experienced players (one of 2012's flying foxes - the women's masters team) that it felt great to win both the tournament and Spirit. It led us to think that the level of competition was high enough to make this achievement special to them. Millerine Brikker from the Sydney based team (Stoned Fish) and Myles McCallum from UQ won our Our of their Skin prizes, a modified version of Most Valuable Player. The Out of their skin nomination encourages you to choose someone who played beyond your expectations. There is usually a short list of usual suspects when we have MVP nominations. The beauty of Out of their Skin has been that there is a very long list of people who gets nominated. It asks you to recognize the hard work of those who are not necessarily the most skilled, not the most experienced but the toughest warriors!! For them we offered either an annual subscription to ulti.TV or a three months subscription to The Ultimate Athlete Project, a training program specifically tailored at Ultimate Disc (Frisbee) players.

Congratulations to all involved with this event - It was nice to get the first National Beach title in before the first national indoor titles... it is Australia after all :-) Hope to see you back again next year and some new faces as well.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 ABUC Seeding and Draw

ABUC 2012
1HUCKleberry Quince Crumbed
2Flex on the Beach
3Stoned Fish
4HUCKleberry Quince Finned
5UQ Ultimate Lovers - Applejack
6UQ Ultimate Lovers - Fluttershy
Day 1Field 1Field 2BYE
91 v 52 v 43  6
101 v 62 v 53  4 
113 v 54 v 61  2
123 v 41 v 25 6 (Lunch)
135 v 6Lunch1 2 3 4 
141 v 32 v 64  5
152 v 34 v 51  6
Day 2Field 1Field 2BYE
91 v 43 v 62  5
11:30A v DB v C 
12:30E v FLS1 V LS2 
13:30WS1 v WS2

Pre Tourney Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Games start at 9am both days

2 fields - means byes in each round.

We are on Cooly beach (likely on the southern end (ADBUC 2012 area) but will be determined due to conditions)

Food we are providing... lunch both days, brunch on Sunday and platter style dinner at the party on Saturday night - plus some team snacks and some fruit will be available.  

A food mess kit (plate, fork, cup..etc) would be useful.... at least have a disc 

Our PARTY is at the Cooly Hotel - pool table from 6pm with food and drinks from 6:30pm

We should be finished before 4pm on Sunday

We do have some helpers coming down to make the tourney better for all but your help during the weekend to fill a water container or with set up/pack down etc... will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Player Fee for 2012 - an all important factor

Beach Lovers we are excited to have our budget and announce the player fee for our 1st ever Aussie Beach Nats is $80 each.
This includes 2 days of games and beach fun, 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, the Saturday party, the EBF (AFDA and QUDA fees) and prizes.
If you miss the on-time discount then the player fee will increase to $100 each.

Our non-player fee is $40 and we are not offering a single day player fee for this tourney.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dates and Rego time line

1st Australian Beach Ultimate Championships

The dates are confirmed for Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th of May with the possibility of Monday 21st if required due to interest from teams.
The location is the lovely southern beaches of the Gold Coast
Offering Open, Women and Mixed divisions - minimum 4 teams require for a division to proceed.

Rego starts with an email of a team's interest to by the March 12th or sooner.
We are asking for team name (and history if any), team contact/manager and region (limits of 4 teams per region/state until we know there is more space from other regions not coming) 
Division and Invites confirmed and team deposits due March 19th (early bird discount) = 4 * player fee  
March 20th to rego closes - team deposit = 4 * player fee plus $100 for every 7 days late.
April 15th - player fee due (on time discount) 
April 16th to 30th - player fee - no discount.
April 30th - rego closes.
May 19-20th - 1st ever Aussie Beach Nats

The player fee will be announced soon

Info about the tourney will be progressively uploaded here on the website so please check back regularly

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